Ruská 24
  1. The house is located at Ruská Street, separating the districts Vršovice and Vinohrady, at the Vršovice side.
  2. It is decorated with a façade in Neo-Gothic style, like the other houses along the street  featuring the same style.
  3. The area is known for a young cultural environment, with rich cultural life flourishing around. It is also the location where young foreigners and experts settle.
  4. The district is  known for good restaurants, with two big department stores, Flora and Eden, situated nearby.
  5. 2-minutes walk from here is a romantic park Heroldovy Sady,
  6. 5-minutes walk from here is the extensive park Havlíčkovy Sady with a famous wine-yard,
  7. 3-minutes walk suffices to reach tramway stop of line No. 22 by means of which you can get downtown after 10 minutes  ride and
  8. 10-minute walk from here is situated metro station Jiřího z Poděbrad.
  9. Most of the apartments provide a good view of the old Vinohrady villas surrounded by very nice vegetation.
  10. We are offering several apartments sized 1+1 and 2+1 (covering an area of 40 – 85 m2). You may find good flats for a resonable prices there.